Meetings, Board, & Committee Information:

The West Floral Park Neighborhood Association (WFPNA) is a non-profit charitable trust committed to developing a sense of unity within and preserving the integrity of our neighborhood.

Members are constituted by residents (both owners and renters) living within West Floral Park Neighborhood Association’s defined borders. Dues are completely voluntary, but greatly appreciated, in order to maintain the high level of events and support of neighborhood concerns and projects.

Why West Floral Park? We all know that West Floral Park is a wonderful place to live. First and foremost it’s made wonderful by all of the residents who have chosen West Floral Park as their home, and through pride of ownership and residence, have maintained and improved the quality and appearance of their homes and gardens.

Why West Floral Park Neighborhood Association? Through WFPNA…we have a stronger voice in the greater community of Santa Ana. We are able to come together through neighborhood social activities that allow us to know each other better and feel a much stronger sense of connection to our special community. We are able to sponsor enhancement and improvement projects that continue to augment the ambiance, amenities and value of our neighborhood.

Association By Laws (PDF)


WFPNA meetings are held quarterly at the Santiago Elementary School Library. The Board encourages everyone to attend. Look for the signs!

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6243
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Elected Board for 2019:

Board Officers:

President:  Harrison Zierer
Vice President: Judith Goldstein
Secretary: Melinda Jordan-Heathcock
Treasurer: Tim Johnson

Board Committee Chairs:

Communications Chair: Cathie Fryer
Working together to develop a newsletter, manage the website, and distribute information on meetings, and events to the neighborhood.

Social Chair: Annie Corcoran
Described as one of the most fun, this committee plans activities such as the progressive dinner, and Oktoberfest. New ideas welcome!

Beautification Chair: Karen Mittendorf
This committee is involved with everything from setting up our free Spring Clean-up dumpsters, to actual hands on gardening.

Neighborhood Watch: Open
Coordinates all Neighborhood Watch activities including and neighborhood emergency preparedness.

Open Garden Day: Donna Layne
Coordinates activities related to our yearly open garden day event.