Membership Drive 2020


Our Key Initiatives:

  • Thriving in West Floral Park—the ongoing beautification of our neighborhood, the quest to get neighbors involved and the desire to bring everyone together in celebration of living here. During this year we will work on increasing our participation rate on our committees and at our events.
  • Continue to focus on keeping our neighborhood safe and secure. General meetings will be used as forums for discussing and improving security. SAPD will be invited to participate as appropriate.
  • Continue to offer first rate social events with some “twists” in the yearly schedule, in locations, and in themes.
  • Develop new neighborhood beautification project priorities as well as continue ongoing beautification efforts.
  • Continue Open Garden Day with a focus on increasing our neighborhood participation.
  • Compile a history of our neighborhood and its evolving collection of individuals who helped create the neighborhood we have today—focusing not only on the preservation of the homes and neighborhood look, but also of the people who helped make it what it is today.
  • Debut our new neighborhood website and continue to upgrade our communication tools.
  • Increase and/or expand our “Giving Back” to the community efforts.
  • Obtain official non-profit status as an organization.

Your generous donations will help us accomplish our goals and keep the momentum going throughout the year!


The West Floral Park Neighborhood Association is a non-profit charitable trust committed to developing a sense of unity within and preserving the integrity of our neighborhood. Members are residents, both owners and renters, living within the defined borders of West Floral Park. Dues are completely voluntary, but greatly appreciated. They are used to fund various neighborhood communication efforts, social events, neighborhood improvement & beautification projects and giving back to the community endeavors.


  • To have a stronger voice in the greater community of Santa Ana
  • To sponsor improvement projects that enhance the ambience, amenities and value of our neighborhood
  • To gather at social events to build stronger relationships both as neighbors and as a community. A list of events can be found on the Calendar page.


Become a WFPNA Member!

Your donations will help continue to make our community a special place to live and relax. Please fill out the membership information and mail it to the address at the bottom of this form. Or, pay your fees online via PayPal. For more information contact the WFPNA Treasurer (WFPNA Committee Members).


$1250.00 – Executive Sponsor



  • Full Page Ad in 3 WFPNA Newsletters – One on back cover and 2 inside.
  • Admission for 2 to two WFPNA events of your choice!


$850.00 – Corporate Step-Up Sponsor



  • Ad in 3 WFPNA Newsletters – One full page back cover ad and two 1/4 page ads inside.
  • Admission for 2 to two WFPNA events of your choice!


$500.00 – Corporate Sponsor



  • Ad in 3 WFPNA Newsletters – 1/4 page
  • Admission for 2 to two WFPNA events of your choice!


$200.00 – Benefactor



  • Admission for 2 for two WFPNA events of your choice!


$100.00 – Gold Member



  • Admission for 2 to one WFPNA event of your choice!


$50.00 – Friendly Neighbor



  • Admission for 1 to WFPNA Open Garden Day!


$25.00 – Citizen


$15.00 – Seniors



West Floral Park Membership Drive 2020


Donation Amount $____________________

Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Phone: _________________

E-mail: _________________________________

Membership from 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018

Please make checks payable to West Floral Park Neighborhood Association (WFPNA)

Mail To: West Floral Park Neighborhood Assn.

ATTN: Ian Gibson, Treasurer
P.O. Box 6243
Santa Ana, CA 92706

WFPNA Membership Form 2018 (PDF) – click to view/download